Can I Do It Myself?

Can I Do It Myself?

Clear aligners are an excellent way to straighten teeth because they are incredibly discreet. They surround the teeth like a clear retainer would, but by working on a set treatment plan they can move teeth from a crooked position to a straight position. However, as uncomplicated as that may seem, there are several extremely important factors that must be taken into account:

How fast will my teeth move?

What happens if my teeth don’t move the way they are supposed to move?

How will I make sure my teeth continue to fit together properly during and after treatment?

How does my jaw position affect the way my teeth move and fit together?

What should I do if my things aren’t going as expected?

What if I have gum or bone problems surrounding my teeth?

And there are many more things to consider when having your teeth straightened. Over the years orthodontic treatment has advanced to the point that it may seem somewhat simple, so that a DIYer could do it themselves. However, in this seemingly “simple” treatment your orthodontist has gone through extensive specialty training to be able to take proper advantage of these advances in technology. Be careful not to be mislead in thinking orthodontic treatment can be done without the proper supervision and direction of your orthodontic specialist.

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