Tips for loving your braces this Valentine’s Day

Tips for loving your braces this Valentine’s Day

No matter your age, undergoing orthodontic treatment can be a big adjustment. The new hardware in your mouth may not be your favorite Valentine’s Day look, but you are taking proactive steps towards improving your smile and oral health. The perfect smile not only boosts confidence and projects friendliness, it is also healthy!

Straight teeth help to improve the overall function of your bite, make it easier for maintaining solid oral hygiene, and helps to prevent tooth decay and jaw pain. Here are some tips to help you LOVE your braces this Valentine’s Day, and every other day of the year!

6 Tips for LOVING your braces

  • Embrace Them. Whether you are excited for your orthodontic treatment or not, it is finally here! Not only are your braces working around the clock to straighten your teeth, they’re working to align your jaw and improve your bite for a lifetime of healthy smiles. It’s hard, but be excited knowing that you are taking steps towards a beautiful and healthy smile.
  • Express Yourself. You may not think of your braces as a way to express yourself, but getting creative with your rubber bands can help show your style. Choose rubber band colors to match your friends, show your school spirit or cheer on your favorite sports team. Expressing your style with colorful rubberbands is a fun way to get excited about your upcoming adjustments appointments.
  • Take Care of your Teeth. The more you take care of your teeth, the healthier your smile and more comfortable your braces will be. Having great oral hygiene throughout your orthodontic treatment will keep your braces looking clean and ensure that your teeth are healthy and damage free when the braces come off. Brushing and flossing every day makes for a beautiful shining smile. Love your smile by brushing and flossing!
  • Skip the Sugar. Even though Valentine’s Day is typically filled with sugary and tasty sweets, be sure to stick to the ones that won’t stick to your braces. Foods that are especially sticky or crunchy can break your appliances, damage your teeth, and possibly slow your orthodontic treatment. If you do receive chocolates or a sweet snack, make sure to brush thoroughly after enjoying!
  • Smile Often! There’s no reason you should be embarrassed of your smile with braces, it’s a part of life that is going to boost your confidence in the long run and improve your overall wellbeing. Research supports that smiling helps improve your mood, reduces stress, and makes you appear more friendly, trustworthy and attractive to others. So, make sure to show off that smile with pride on Valentine’s Day!
  • Focus on the Goal. Just when you’re over wearing your braces, remember that they are going to benefit you for the rest of your life! Once your orthodontic treatment is complete, you will have a beautiful, strait smile that you will be proud to show off every single day. Stay focused on the end result!

Dr. Hough and his staff want you to L-O-V-E your smile! We understand that orthodontic treatment is a bit of an adjustment both to your oral hygiene routine and diet, but we hope that you are proud of your treatment and your future smile. Hough Orthodontics its dedicated to providing the best orthodontic care and helping our patients achieve the stunning, healthy, All-Star smile you have always dreamed of. If you have any questions about your orthodontic treatment, feel free to reach out to our office at 636.391.1959.