Tips for Summer with Braces: Vacation Packing List

Tips for Summer with Braces: Vacation Packing List

Ever gone on vacation and realize you left something important behind? It’s happened countless times to each of us at Hough Orthodontics. To avoid forgetting important things to help care for you braces, we recommend putting together an orthodontic travel kit that is always ready to go, so in the rush of packing, nothing is forgotten. Check out our packing list below!

Orthodontic Packing List

Dental Wax: Just in case you get something pokey while on vacation, this is a great bandaid until you make it home and can come see us.

Floss: Unfortunately, dental hygiene does not get to take a vacation! Keep your gums healthy by continuing your hygiene routine while on vacation. It’s also handy if you partake in a summer favorite food, like strawberries! No one wants to flash their sparkly smile with strawberries stuck in their braces!

Toothbrush: Believe it or not, a toothbrush is the most common toiletry item that is forgotten on vacations. It is usually the last thing to be packed because everyone brushes the day of travel. We recommend going ahead and getting an extra toothbrush and putting it in your kit so you are not without one while on vacation!

Rubberbands: AKA, orthodontic homework. We know, we know, no one wants to have homework on vacation! But foregoing your rubberbands can actually slow down your treatment. Whether you have just started or are on the home stretch of correcting your bite, don’t pause! Make sure to have plenty on hand, we would be more than happy to supply an additional bag for your vacation kit.

Retainers: Yep, you will definitely need to take your retainers on vacation with you to keep your teeth from moving. Always remember to put it away safely in a retainer case. Don’t want to have to search through trash cans while on vacation for a retainer that was accidentally thrown away in a napkin!

Clear Aligners: Your current aligners will be in your mouth, but it’s always a good idea to be prepared with your next set if you are supposed to switch while on vacation. That way you stay on course with your treatment plan. If something happens to your current set, wear your previous set until you can come see us when your travels are completed.

Keep all of those things in a “orthodontic travel kit” and you will be all set, and they will be much harder to forget and leave behind!

If you have any questions, or need anything while you are on vacation, do not hesitate to call our office at 636.391.1959. You can also reach us on Facebook Messenger on our facebook page at