What is a TMJ Specialist?

What is a TMJ Specialist?

While many dentists offer TMJ treatment, a TMJ specialist is more qualified to treat the complexities of this particular condition. If you have TMJ disorder, it pays to see a TMJ specialist, and here is why.

Finding a true TMJ Specialist

Treating TMJ disorders is not one of the many recognized specialties of the American Dental Association. This means that any dentist or dental specialist can call themselves a TMJ specialist and offer a form of treatment. Many dentists that offer TMJ treatment only offer one solution: a night guard. This night guard holds the jaw in a single position, worn only at night, to prevent teeth grinding. While these can be effective for some patients, it is not a permanent solution. It’s easy to see why so many patients go from one dentist to the next seeking relief and not finding it.

So, the question remains, how do you make sure you seeing a true specialist in TMJ treatment?  You’ll have to dig into their credentials and their results. An expert in TMJ will share their training, education, and awards on their website. If you don’t see anything on a dentist’s website that gives insight into the qualifications they claim for treating TMJ disorder, move on to another provider.

Dr. Steven Hough is the real deal.  Dr. Hough has completed thousands of hours of continuing education, and also has a true passion for helping patients overcome chronic pain of TMJ disorder. 

What does a TMJ specialist do?

When seeing a specialist like Dr. Hough, you will benefit from a more holistic approach to TMJ disorder. This only makes sense, given how the dysfunction in the temporomandibular joints causes symptoms throughout the body. First, determining the root cause of the TMJ disorder is important:

Did you sustain an injury? If so, it is not uncommon for Dr. Hough to work with patients in conjunction with a chiropractor or other health specialist to treat the TMJ pain.

Do you have bruxism? Bruxism is a condition where you grind, clench, or gnash your teeth. 

Are you teeth holding your jaw in an unnatural position?  Your smile may be straight, but if your teeth are keeping your jaw from closing in a comfortable and natural position, it can cause TMJ disorder.

Once the cause of the TMJ disorder is determined, a holistic approach to treating and relieving the pain can begin.  We will talk about treatment in another blog coming out this month.

One last item…

There is one more thing that TMJ specialists do that you might not find anywhere else: We understand. If you have gone from one doctor to another trying to find a solution for your pain, you have felt unheard. If you have felt hopeless, at the end of your rope, wanting to give up, know that we are here to support you. We know that you can live pain-free and feel like yourself.

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