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Start the Road to a Healthier Future with Braces for Adults

Braces aren’t just for kids anymore! Tooth alignment can be changed at any age if your gums and bone structure healthy. We offer a variety of treatments that are designed for different age groups – including adults.

Orthodontic treatment at later stages in life can dramatically improve your personal appearance and self-esteem. Improving the health of your teeth and gums is equally important. Crooked teeth and a bad bite can contribute to gum and bone loss, tooth decay, abnormal wear of the tooth enamel and surfaces, headaches and jaw joint (TMJ/TMD) pain.


Utilize Cutting-Edge Orthodontic Techniques at Hough Orthodontics

The new techniques, latest technological advancements, and appliances we use greatly reduce discomfort levels, decrease the frequency of visits, shortens treatment time and may allow you to choose from several different options. Your options may include metal braces, translucent braces or transparent aligners, like Invisalign, that can be worn to correct all types of cases of misaligned teeth.

What to Expect in Your Initial Examination

During the initial examination, we will be able to determine the best possible treatment for your individual needs. During this initial examination, we can outline the treatment plan, estimated treatment times and the treatment fees.

A large percentage of our patients are adults, and they agree (especially with newer aesthetic appliances) that it’s never too late to improve their greatest asset – their smile.

Aligners are an Orthodontic Approach to Straighter Teeth

Traditional Braces are everything but traditional at Hough Orthodontics. Dr. Hough uses a variety of bracket systems, choosing the ideal system and wires for each individual patient based on their individual needs. The high-tech wire system Dr. Hough uses allows patients to enjoy a cleaner, more aesthetic appearance with far fewer visits, less discomfort and faster treatment time than with old fashioned and out of date wire systems. Lighter, gentler forces on the teeth actually have a faster result While every patient’s needs are different these new state-of-the-art wires allow Dr. Hough to individualize every patient’s treatment to create the best smile for each person.

At Hough we have the expertise to provide the best orthodontic services in St. Louis.

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